Sunday, 16 October 2011

Confessions of a shoe a holic

Hello!!! I was requested to do a shoe collection on my youtube a while ago, i tried filming it but it just seemed abit.. weird? I dunno, I just think its better with pictures rather than picking up each shoe and saying "oh and i got this from blah blah blah", so this way you can just flick through the pics and don't really have to listen/read if you don't want to.

I've also added a "confessions of a shoe a holic" tag to make it a bit more fun. First of all I'll give you an overview of my shoes and how i store them.....

Confessions of a shoe a holic tag:

1) Heels or Flats?

Oooh, I'm going to cheat a bit here and say, kitten heels. They're both comfy and cute!

2) What are your go to shoes?

At the moment it is these brown loafers. Since its autumn, the colour goes well with my autumn wardrobe.

3) Favourite shoe trend?

Definately loafers, I love the different loafers in River island.

4) Least favourite shoe trend?

Crocs, uggs (hypocritical of me- you will see why in the next q), clogs, Jafferey campbell Litas.

5) Most expensive pair?

These cardigan ugg-ly's! I hate them, I bought them because it was snowy and it was on sale for £80. I really wish I didn't buy them.

6) Most wanted pair?

Not anything insanely amazing, but just some black suede topshop slippers, because they go with absoluted anything and look cute. Also i want some plain black/darkest brown riding boots for the winter.

7) Share an embarassing shoe story?

It was the first time I wore heels this high, and went on a date. Yep, you guessed it! My ankle bent because they were too high for me, and i had a little trip.

8) Pick a shoe and share a story.

I got these from debenhams. From the kids section.

9) How many shoes do you own?

*gets up to count*. 27! That's not too bad at all! For a girl.

10) What was your first time in heels?

Can't remember exactly when, was probably in college so 16? It was these ones.

11) How much do you spend on shoes?

Because of my size, I always find shoes in sales for reaaaaalll cheap. I have 4 pairs that were only £5! From M&S, New look, Tesco and Matalan. But other than that I don't think I have spent more than £36 on shoes (apart from the ugg-ly's)

12) What is your favourite place to buy shoes?

I love River Island for shoes, they have some really nice ones nowadays. Aldo and Debenhams (for boots).

13) Shoes that you regret buying?

I've already answered that (uggs). i think with that price i could've gotten some really amazing ones from aldo.

14) What are your favourite pair?

These ones from h&m, shame about the weather here, have hardly worn them.

15) Show your newest pair.

These shoe boots from Asda (£18). I love them! I saw them on RforRuby youtube channel


  1. The silver shoes in the 4th picture look lovely - great shoe collection :)

  2. wow, im soooo jealous!!! lovely collection :)Ginny xx