Sunday, 12 February 2012

Soothing Sundays

Hey peeps!

I was actually hoping to do this as a video but blahhhh, I thought it would be better to do as a blog post :). I've decided to do a new series called "soothing sundays". I'm always running around with uni (very hard since its my final year- sorting out my training contract and masters application gahhh!) and work, so I like to dedicate my sundays to doing nothing but rewind, relax and keep my mind of uni.

I thought I'd show you guys, what Iget up to, what products I like to use etc.

I decided to do reading this week, instead of the usual-watching 90210 and the big bang theory. I flicked through a few magazines, and read The wedding by Danielle Steel. As i mentioned in my vlog, I LOVE this book. Its about an entertainment lawyer and her glamorous life, I love stories about lawyers, I always end up dreaming about my future LOL, even though its so unrealistic. I definately recommend it, and for £2 in Asda, its a steal!

I've also been loving Yankee candles recently, I burned the cinamon one and its so "smelly", it smells up my whole house. With a lot of candles, you can't really smell them unless your very close to the candle, but Yankee candles are very strongly scented which i love about them. My favourite is Creamy caramel but its always sold out. I buy mine from a local market for only £2.50!! Which is awesome since they retail for about £7.

I also like to treat my skin on Sundays, and I used this BB seaweed facemask. I've also tried Outifix which is also amazing, it leaves your skin feeling like a babys butt. This one really tightens up your pours, and gets rid of white/black heads, and makes your skin appear a lot more even. Its like this mask was tailored for my skin, it tackles with all the problems I have, most importantly skin discolouration. Following this, I applied the Body shops vitamin E night cream which is sooo creamy, almost like a body butter for your face. It really relaxes me and kind've helps me sleep better. I also love Carmex cherry, carmex is the best lipbalm i have ever come across, and being cherry flavoured makes it so much better :).

I always bought this amazingly beautiful cake from Asda. I love having chocolatey stuff with a glass of cold milk, i'm such a child :). I usually treat myself with a dessert on Sundays (not every sunday!!). Obviously I didn't eat the whole thing!

 I also do my nails on sunday. I decided to paint them in Raspberry by Essie, beautiful colour, I am obsessed with this nail polish. It was featured in my Best of 2011 Tag so go check it out if you haven't already :) I decided to use this foil wrap thingy bob on my ring finger, I am loving doing this, this year. I also have a gold leopard print one. These are kind've pricey, but i got my pink one from the same local market for £2. The gold ones were £4 from New Look, still not so bad.

Thanks for reading! :) What do you do on a Sunday? What products do you use?


  1. What is the actual name for the mask you used that is good for white/blackheads? How much is it and where can I get it from?

    Manny xx

    1. Its called the BB seaweed facemask and you can get it from lush. It was around £4.30 xxx