Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My Holiday to Tanzania

The Henna ceremony

                                                                        my henna

At the wedding

The reception, I will be doing a tutorial on this look!

Toshi Sabri at the wedding reception

Barbeque by the beach every night!


My sister!

Shopping...parade? Lol

these dolls are so cute!

I loved the stuff they had! I have a haul on youtube, check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZntWgoWFXS4

doesn't taste so good! lol

Leaving the Island to go to the city :(

Hello all! I promised a while ago that I would do a holiday vlog on youtube, but then I got lazy and now its been 3 weeks! So i thought i'd do a holiday photo diary instead :).
I didn't have much fun, i didn't even go to the beach!!!! If you go on holiday and you have family there, you'd be staying at home most of the time (booo!). I've also been to Zanzibar a lot of times since my grandparents live there, so it was nothing new. The only fun I had was at my friends wedding (first few pics), and honestly it was the best wedding I have EVER been to! It was like a Bollywood movie, they even got Toshi Sabri from India to come and perform! (a Bollywood singer), it was like a Princess wedding, only Indian style :-P. I will be doing a tutorial on one of those looks, so subscribe to my channel if you haven't already: http://www.youtube.com/user/shazxxxxxxx16786 if you want me to do one on any of the other looks, please let me know!

Toodles for now



  1. Thats a really cute Indian outfit.
    Good Luck on your blog :)

    Deepika <3

  2. you look lovely in your pictures! I enjoyed you birthday haul. Happy belated birthday

  3. You look beautiful in you photos. I watch your videos on youtube, you've done a great jobxx
    Its good to see more asian girls on youtubexx

    check out my blog if you canxx