Thursday, 26 April 2012

Shopping List!

Since I'm stuck at home doing my coursework (as always, during this time of the year), my life has been pretty boring. I've been too stressed to upload any video or posts, and didn't want to upload something boring and half-hearted.
As I do my coursework on my laptop, its very easy to get distracted and end up on shopping websites, I have soooo much I've discovered and want to buy (mostly from ebay lol) so i thought I'd share with you what i'm craving for! :)

Dollhouse - Naughty Tux Ruffle Sandal

I saw this on sidrastyle's OOTD video and instanstly fell in LOVE!  They are so unique and adorable! Its a shame they are from the US so shipping might be abit annoying. But totally worth it. Definately buying these as soon as I finish with my assignment!


I've seen sooo many people with this necklace, even Naomi from 90210, and I know it! I dont know if was first introduced by a designer? But i don't care! I love it! And was so excited when i came across it

Nowadays, I'm really loving dinky (sp?) jewellery, as opposed to spikes, eyeballs and scary stuff lol, maybe its because i'm getting older, or since its spring. I love this, its called a "Karma" bracelet and I love the meaning it has to it.

I'm absolutely loving this bracelet with little coke cans, it is soooo cute and retro! Its abit pricey though, and i feel as if the quality won't match the price. What do you guys think? I really love it though!!!

Atm I'm also obsessing over dreamcatcher jewellery, especially this one, I actually love everything this seller has, so check it out! Very reasonable prices :-)

I haven't got a lot of clothes that I'm intending to buy, recently, I've been happy with just wearing a plain white tee shirt, jeans and spicing up the outfit with some jewellery, cute shoes/handbag and something else like a colourful blazer or something.

I've bought this new handbag that I loved at first, but haven't worn it a lot since i don't know what i could wear with it? I know i could just wear a plain white dress, but i cant find one! Have you got any suggestions? (preferably something with sleeves or a peter pan dress)

Thanks for reading! :)

Shaz x

Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter!

I hope you enjoyed your chocolate eggs and bunnys, i sure did :)