Saturday, 12 January 2013

Lush hits and misses

So I said in my youtube hits and misses video that I would show you guys the pictures of the products that I didn't have and also some before and after pictures, so here goes!


*Disclaimer* All the products pictures are taken from the lush website. The before and after pictures are taken by me.

  • Angels on bare skin cleanser

"Angels on Bare Skin evens out skin tone, reduces redness and improves the health and appearance of your skin – giving a natural healthy glow"- LUSH

  • Hottie- Massage bar

"Heavily-worked muscles benefit from warming oils and a good rub.
Hottie is designed to get to grips with areas of the body that have been overworked and are in shock.
The blend of warming oils brings warmth and comfort to the area – using ginger oil and black pepper oil to stimulate blood flow."- LUSH

  • Snowcake- Soap

*limited edition Christmas*

  • Honey I washed the kids- Soap

  • Fresh Face masks
What do you know about: Fresh Face Masks?

"These products contain absolutely no synthetic preservatives at all. This is great because masks stay on your skin for a while, penetrating deeply into your skin and naturally you’d want something like that to be as pure and good for your body as possible. So that’s how we make them. Pure and lovely."- LUSH

  • Oatifix- Face mask

"A mask for dry skin.
Bananas are a very rich oily fruit – so are perfect for a mask that is trying to get goodness into dry skin. Also in here is illipe butter to moisturise the skin and leave it supple.
Oatmeal, ground almonds and kaolin bind the ingredients and act as a very gentle scrub to lift dead skin away and leave the face looking brighter. A soft fragrance based on vanilla absolute finishes off this nourishing mask."- LUSH

  • BB Seaweed- Face mask

"For softening, cooling and reducing redness.
Honey, seaweed and aloe vera to soften and soothe. Olive oil to moisturise. Fresh rose petals and rose absolute to reduce redness. Rosemary oil to regenerate the skin. All of this is held together with kaolin, ground almonds and millet flakes – so when you wash this off you are also gently exfoliating and removing dead skin."- LUSH

  • Brazened honey- Face mask

"It’s hard to stick to all the rules. Eight hours sleep a night, two litres of water a day, plenty of exercise, five fruit and veg etc. This mask is for when you have overdone things and let the rules slide. A detox to get tired and dull skin back to being radiant and glowing"- LUSH

Before and After
  • No drought- Dry shampoo (Warning, my hair looks very gross)
  • Colour supplement- Light yellow
Thanks for reading!
Here is my video:

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Birthday wishlist of a spoilt girl

Hey all! As my birthday is approaching, my best friends and family have been asking me what I would like for my birthday, and I have nooo idea. So it got me thinking, and I decided to make a wishlist :). Now it might seem like a lot, but my family said they want to buy me something mega expensive since it will be my 21st and I will also be graduating, so its better if I tell them what I want, rather than them spending a ton of money on two different presents that I might not like :)

1. Ipad! I've wanted an ipad for the longest time ever, and my dad stopped me from buying it. He's been telling me for the past two years that he will buy it for me when I graduate :)

2. A statement turquoise necklace- I love turquoise in jewellery! I don't know why, but I'm just really obsessed with it. Would like one, any shape or style! Doesn't have to be this particular one (only nice one I could find on google images lol)

3. A poppy bike :) Recently I've really been wanting a bike, just cos i feel since I've been driving for 3 years, I've put on a lot of weight. I want this bike cos its super girly and vintagey, old fashioned. Now, these bikes are very expensive, so I wouldn't mind if my family got me a knock off or something similar.

4.  false lashes for my car-This is a veerrryyy pocket friendly gift (£2.99) so would be ideal for friends. I've seen so many cars with this and it looks sooo cute. I wouldn't mind getting extra car decor with this like lipstick stickers or something *cough cough* *hint hint* LOL.

5. MAC blush in Gingerly- This is such a beautiful colour! My friend has this and I didn't think it would show up on my skin tone but it does! It looks so pretty, and its matte-Which I love.

6. Anything from ZARA and F21- I love these shops, and I never walk out empty handed. They always have something I love, so I would like anything from there :)

7. Any perfume- I rarely buy perfumes, they are a "special"  buy for me, unlike clothes and shoes, so I only buy them once in a while. I like florally sweet kind of smells :)

Thanks for reading!



Thursday, 24 May 2012

New foundations + my top 3

I am ALWAYS, on the hunt for a perfect foundation. I have never had one that I have been 100% satisfied with. For me, the main problem is the colour, the texture doesnt really bother me, and since my skin is normal, I don't care if its oily or matte. I have never found a colour that is perfect. I thought I'd do a little review of the new foundations I purchased, and also show you my all time, top 3.

Clinique mineral powder (natural 5)

This foundation is more like a tinted moisturiser, it gives minimal, light weight coverage, ideal for the Summer, it almost feels as if you're wearing nothing. I bought this especially for exam times since its so easy to apply, and I wouldn't need to apply a setting powder.

  • Easy to apply, and compact
  • ideal for summer, nose didn't get shiny throughout the day
  • Good for you, its mineral based and secondly, it very hygienic. Its a pressed-to-loose powder formula, you need to move the dial which "shaves" the loose powder giving you a fresh powder for each application.


  • Not my colour! Its a tad bit too dark, i'd rather have a lighter foundation than a darker one, as darker foundations accentuate my discolouration more. Its also a peachy, pinky undertone rather than yellow/orange.
  • Not enough coverage, hid my freckles but not my skin discolouration, (bare minerals covered my discolouration effectively)
Overall, as my main concern is colour, I don't like this foundation so much :'(

Bobbi Brown foundation stick (honey)

When I tried this on in the store, I didn't like the colour but bought it anyway because I wasted the shop assistants time (stupid reason lol). Also my friend loved it on me so I took her word for it. Once I came home, and applied it differently, I LOVED it, its slightly dark, but since it has a yellow undertone, it doesn't look bad. I came across the Bobbi Brown book in my uni library (ha!) and I loved how they take into account of different skin colours and ethnicities, so wanted to try out their foundation.

  • Very easy to apply and compact
  • Full coverage, but same lightweight feeling you get with the clinique foundation
  • Didn't need to powder, nose didn't get shiny throughout the day

  • I would like it if it was slightly lighter
Overall, I love this! It has the same benefits as the clinique foundation but without its cons :)

My top 3

1. MAC studio fix- This gives amazing coverage, covers absolutely ever single flaw, even my discoluration. It is however, quite orange, and the colour difference is very noticable during the day. I use this as a evening foundation and it makes me look SO flawless. You don't need a setting powder or a concealer either which is great!

2. LUSH colour supplement. This makes you look so flawless! My uncle actually commented on it, saying I look "plastic" because my face looked so perfect, Ha! (I hope thats a compliment...), it also looks very dewy. However, it feels quite heavy, and can make you look quite greasy. You will also need to powder/blot your face during the day. I needed a LOT of foundation to set this.

3. Bare minerals. The coverage of this depends on the colour, I had a starter kit and the darker shade accentuated my flaws and didnt give enough coverage, but the lighter one looked perfect, since its undertone is peachy, it does look quite ashy if you try to build it up, and it fades during the day, so you will need a primer or setting spray. Its great for Summer, when your not out for too long.

Me just wearing Bobbi Brown foundation, no concealer or powder

At the moment, I'm loving the Bobbi Brown one, I've only had it for two days, but it seems like it will become one of my top foundations!
Which one is you're favourite? Any suggestions??



Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Matalan Haul

Hey all!

I went for a 20 minute break in my local town and picked up a few clothes from Matalan! I love Matalan, but haven't been there for a long time. There clothes are on trend, cheap and very good quality. I'd say, its Primark prices, but Zara quality.

I saw a black skirt exactly like this in Zara, and I really wanted to get it but felt it was too pricey for a basic skirt (£22ish), so decided to wait till summer. But then I saw this in Matalan for £10! (student discount included lol). For me its a wardrobe staple. You can wear it with ANY top, its especially nice as a winter to spring transition piece as you can wear your winter tops with it.

I loved this top! Its so perfect for spring, it looks great with this skirt and I could also wear it with jeans and the pink blazer I featured in my Spring haul

I bought this skirt for comfort rather than fashion, as you can see its not an amazing pattern, not very fashionable. I bought it because its SO easy to wear, you don't have to worry about wearing a vest underneath as its not sheer and doesnt have a low neck, and you dont have to worry about a cardigan since it has sleeves. Its also so versatile, as you can see you can pair it with a coat and boots in the winter (these are my £3 bargain boots from primark! Also featured in the spring haul), and you can also pair it with flip flops in the summer!

The reason why i'm covering my face is because I look terrible! I've had so much stress and lack of sleep because of uni, and I wasn't in the mood to wear make-up. But for those of you who miss my face (LOL) here's a pic of me from a few days ago...

My bed desk :'(

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Shopping List!

Since I'm stuck at home doing my coursework (as always, during this time of the year), my life has been pretty boring. I've been too stressed to upload any video or posts, and didn't want to upload something boring and half-hearted.
As I do my coursework on my laptop, its very easy to get distracted and end up on shopping websites, I have soooo much I've discovered and want to buy (mostly from ebay lol) so i thought I'd share with you what i'm craving for! :)

Dollhouse - Naughty Tux Ruffle Sandal

I saw this on sidrastyle's OOTD video and instanstly fell in LOVE!  They are so unique and adorable! Its a shame they are from the US so shipping might be abit annoying. But totally worth it. Definately buying these as soon as I finish with my assignment!


I've seen sooo many people with this necklace, even Naomi from 90210, and I know it! I dont know if was first introduced by a designer? But i don't care! I love it! And was so excited when i came across it

Nowadays, I'm really loving dinky (sp?) jewellery, as opposed to spikes, eyeballs and scary stuff lol, maybe its because i'm getting older, or since its spring. I love this, its called a "Karma" bracelet and I love the meaning it has to it.

I'm absolutely loving this bracelet with little coke cans, it is soooo cute and retro! Its abit pricey though, and i feel as if the quality won't match the price. What do you guys think? I really love it though!!!

Atm I'm also obsessing over dreamcatcher jewellery, especially this one, I actually love everything this seller has, so check it out! Very reasonable prices :-)

I haven't got a lot of clothes that I'm intending to buy, recently, I've been happy with just wearing a plain white tee shirt, jeans and spicing up the outfit with some jewellery, cute shoes/handbag and something else like a colourful blazer or something.

I've bought this new handbag that I loved at first, but haven't worn it a lot since i don't know what i could wear with it? I know i could just wear a plain white dress, but i cant find one! Have you got any suggestions? (preferably something with sleeves or a peter pan dress)

Thanks for reading! :)

Shaz x

Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter!

I hope you enjoyed your chocolate eggs and bunnys, i sure did :)

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Add some colour to your everday look!

I've used Barry m 23
Naked Palette
YSL Rouge volupte 104 (review coming up!)
Loreal mascara (the one with cheryl cole lol)