Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Matalan Haul

Hey all!

I went for a 20 minute break in my local town and picked up a few clothes from Matalan! I love Matalan, but haven't been there for a long time. There clothes are on trend, cheap and very good quality. I'd say, its Primark prices, but Zara quality.

I saw a black skirt exactly like this in Zara, and I really wanted to get it but felt it was too pricey for a basic skirt (£22ish), so decided to wait till summer. But then I saw this in Matalan for £10! (student discount included lol). For me its a wardrobe staple. You can wear it with ANY top, its especially nice as a winter to spring transition piece as you can wear your winter tops with it.

I loved this top! Its so perfect for spring, it looks great with this skirt and I could also wear it with jeans and the pink blazer I featured in my Spring haul

I bought this skirt for comfort rather than fashion, as you can see its not an amazing pattern, not very fashionable. I bought it because its SO easy to wear, you don't have to worry about wearing a vest underneath as its not sheer and doesnt have a low neck, and you dont have to worry about a cardigan since it has sleeves. Its also so versatile, as you can see you can pair it with a coat and boots in the winter (these are my £3 bargain boots from primark! Also featured in the spring haul), and you can also pair it with flip flops in the summer!

The reason why i'm covering my face is because I look terrible! I've had so much stress and lack of sleep because of uni, and I wasn't in the mood to wear make-up. But for those of you who miss my face (LOL) here's a pic of me from a few days ago...

My bed desk :'(


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  2. I love your top! :)

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  3. ohh so lovely flower top and maxi skirt! you look wonderful:)
    thank you also for lovely comment:)!!

  4. you have lovely room...and you're so pretty...thx for visiting my blog...

  5. great haul! love the maxi skirt :) xx.

  6. Love your outfits! I wish my room looked that good when I am studying, lol.

    -Teffy (I always follow my followers back)